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CANchecked MFD28 2.8" Display Universal

    • €399,00 inc VAT

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    The CANchecked 2.8“ display combines all features of bigger systems into one single unit for a very competitive price. The connection of external devices is done via CAN bus, serial extension or use the four internal analogue inputs.
    All aftermarket ECUs which contain a CAN bus interface are supported. Load the DBC file from the ECU vendor into the converter on our website and select up to 50 sensors. Add the minimum and maximum warning values and export the TRI file to the display MicroSD card. TRI files of tested ECUs are already installed and can be chosen from the display menu and changed during runtime.
    Ten views can be configured to the customer needs directly on the screen itself. 11 different widget types can be selected, resized, colour changed and moved. Four default views give an impression of what is possible.
    Own start logos and logos in the views give the customer the possibility to further individualize the display.

    Key Features:

    • Displays up to 50 engine Values
    • Works with every control unit with CAN bus
    • Hardware: touchscreen, MicroSD, MicroUSB, milled bezel
    • Configure your screen on the display
    • 11 different widgets can be resized and dragged across the screen
    • Up to 17 widgets per view
    • 4 analogue inputs
    • Internal warning buzzer 85db
    • Optional: shiftlight, serial port, GPS, Haldex
    • Individual Min and Max values ​​for each sensor warning
    • 4 different types of logging


    • Free to configure 10 Listings
    • Up to 17 boxes per ad
    • 8 different widgets (digital number, beams, speed widget single pointer, Log, image (map of SD), number, circle, logging start / stop)
    • Widgets displaceable by means Drag'n'drop
    • Resize Widgets
    • Color matching of the widgets (depending on the widget)

    Alternatively, is the online configurator available. Here, the views can be created in advance and then be copied via the export function to the SD card.


    opening: 73x54,4mm
    aperture: 87,5x58mm
    depth: 18,5mm
    Thickness of the aperture: 4.5 mm

    Operating environment:

    Input voltage: 12V (there are options available for other voltages 5V, 24V)
    Temperature range: -10 to 70 ° C
    Current: 250mA (optional: + 100mA switching flash)


    • USB: log all live sensor data via USB
    • SD card: all sensor data are logged to the SD card(Version 2.0 and "fast" SD Card)
    • Debug: all CAN bus data are logged via USB
    • CAN Logger: all CAN bus data are logged to the SD card

    Software Updates

    Software updates, customers can perform yourself via the integrated MicroUSB interface. The software for this is made available as needed and is very easy to use.
    Both Windows (32bit / 64bit) and Mac OSX the updater is available. Is available online of for evaluating the logs Logviewer available. Simply log load and use the intuitive interface.
    There is general support all control units, which have a documented CAN bus interface. Most manufacturers provide a "dbc" file which can then be converted for the display.

    The following control units have been tested:

    • trijekt (Premium, Bee, trigifant) - trijekt plus with restrictions
    • Megasquirt 2 and 3
    • k-data KDFI
    • UMC1 / UMC2
    • Microsquirt
    • EFIgnition
    • MaxxECU
    • EcuMaster Emu (standard with CAN, standard with Can bus adapter, Black)
    • VAG (Audi / VW / seat)
    • van crown castle KMS MD35 (MP25 with CAN bus adapter)
    • LinkECU
    • AEM EMS
    • Motorsport Electronics ME442 and ME221 (the latter with adapter)
    • MME ECU481 (MME Can bus adapter)
    • VEMS (serial adapter)

    If your controller is not listed, please contact us.


    The 2.8 "display has the ability to control the VAG 4Motion Haldex control unit (VAG Gen 1 PQ34 platform). The communication occurs via CAN bus, so no conversion of the Haldex is necessary. The controller is activated by a license.
    Here are all the downloads, which are essential for the operation of CANchecked MFD28 display.

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