NFC: Advanced Technology For Your Steering Wheel By MOMO

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When purchasing a product, quality and authenticity are essential and vital conditions for every consumer. MOMO, always fighting against forgery and to safeguard Made in Italy, starting from spring 2021 will introduce the advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for the first time ever in the steering wheels world, by applying it to its products making them capable of communicating with the buyer.

Thanks to NFC it will be possible to verify in real time the genuinity of a MOMO steering wheel directly from your own compatible smart devices (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc); you will also have access to exclusive contents, directly released by MOMO, reserved to whom will register his own original MOMO steering wheel.

NFC technology’s potential is enormous and constantly evolving, giving the possibility to enrich the value and the features of the MOMO’s steering wheel range. NFC equipped steering wheels will be available on the market starting from spring 2021.

The chip, in most of the steering wheel’s range, is hidden in the right section in the back, near the handle. The chip’s detection is reached just approaching the compatible device in proximity of the mentioned area. Every MOMO’s steering wheel comes with a warning label, in its packaging, with the user manual and the exact indication of the chip’s placement depending on the steering wheels model.


Click here to download MOMO instructions for the NFC equipped steering wheels.

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