MOMO introduces a boss kit designed for the Toyota GR Yaris

Works Bell Introduces A Boss Kit Designed For The Toyota GR Yaris

Works Bell has recently developed a hub kit that enables Toyota GR Yaris owners to swap out their stock steering wheel.
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Due to an exceptional demand for the GR Yaris, Works Bell has recently engineered a hub kit, allowing owners to replace the factory steering wheel with a Works Bell steering wheel (or 6x70mm or 6x74mm bolt pattern steering wheel) for an unparalleled driving experience.

Works Bell boss kits were designed utilizing the latest data for many late model and early model vehicle applications. All Works Bell boss kits are made with precision by highly skilled staff and engineers at Works Bell's factory in Japan. Fitment data, strength, and safety were all taken into account to produce a hub adapter that would be comparable to the OEM design. Everything from replicating OEM quality fasteners to ensure a secure fit, to designing the hubs to withstand impact in the event of an accident.



Works Bell Generic Boss Kit

Works Bell Steering Wheel Hub Boss Kit Adapter 550 Toyota Yaris GR >2020 and onwards< With Airbag

€160.00 + VAT