MOMO Anniversary – 60 Years of Passion

MOMO Anniversary – 60 Years of Passion

This year, MOMO celebrates 60 years of history. To mark this milestone, MOMO presents the Momo Corsa Pro Anniversario racing gloves and the MOMO Mod.07 Anniversario steering wheel.

This year, MOMO celebrates 60 years of history. Founded in 1964 by Gianpiero Moretti, who revolutionized racing with the first MOMO steering wheel, the innovation of which propelled John Surtees to win the 1964 F1 World Championship. Over the years, MOMO has diversified its range by introducing alloy wheels and street steering wheels, and has collaborated with iconic automakers like Ferrari, as well as legendary drivers including Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. In 1993, the MOMO Corse department was established, specializing in flame-resistant clothing for racing drivers, solidifying MOMO's presence in motorsports. On its 60th anniversary, MOMO reflects on its eventful journey and looks ahead to a future defined by continued innovation and dedication to quality and performance.

To mark this milestone, MOMO presents the Momo Corsa Pro Anniversario racing gloves and the MOMO Mod.07 Anniversario steering wheel. These special editions embody MOMO's 60-year legacy of innovation and excellence. The gloves and steering wheel are crafted with precision, offering drivers unparalleled performance and comfort on the track. As we celebrate this achievement, these products reflect MOMO's enduring commitment to quality and innovation in motorsports.


The pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship: the MOMO Mod.07 Anniversario steering wheel. That's how we could describe it. Celebrating 60 years of MOMO excellence, this masterpiece pays homage to one of the most iconic steering wheels in history while embracing exclusive details that elevate it to unparalleled heights.

Handcrafted with precision and passion, MOMO Mod.07 Anniversario boasts exquisite golden logos that shimmer with timeless elegance, symbolizing six decades of innovation and legacy. The tricolor Italian flag stitching adorns the wheel, paying tribute to MOMO's heritage and its deep-rooted connection to Italian automotive culture.

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, this steering wheel embodies performance and sophistication. Designed for discerning enthusiasts, it offers an unrivaled driving experience, combining ergonomic excellence with unparalleled control.


  • Diameter: 350 mm
  • Dish: 72 mm
  • Grip section: 29x30 mm
  • Grip material: premium black leather
  • Stitching: Luxury, Italian flag colours
  • Spoke colour: black
  • CNC-engraved & hand-enamelled gold "MOMO" and "Anniversario" logos
  • Black suede 12 o'clock insert
  • MOMO "60 YEARS" exclusive gold horn button

Part Number: V07ANNIVBK35R


MOMO Corsa Pro Anniversario racing gloves – a testament to six decades of excellence in automotive craftsmanship. Designed to commemorate Momo's 60th anniversary, these gloves are a fusion of tradition and innovation, embodying the spirit of racing heritage with exclusive touches that set them apart.

Adorned with golden logos that gleam with timeless brilliance, MOMO Corsa Pro Anniversario gloves pay homage to Momo's legacy of precision and performance. But it's the tricolor Italian flag fabric meticulously stitched onto the fingers that truly sets them apart, honoring the brand's rich Italian heritage and its unwavering commitment to quality.

Crafted for the most demanding drivers, MOMO Corsa Pro Anniversario gloves are more than just accessories – they're essential companions for those who live and breathe the thrill of the track. With superior grip and ergonomic design, they offer unmatched comfort and control, empowering drivers to push the limits with confidence.


  • FIA 8856-2018 homologation (including the latest 2022)
  • Touch screen functionality
  • Outer seams, with the exception of the thumb, which has inner seams for better touch screen functionality
  • Maximum wearability comfort, thanks to its pre-curved structure
  • Maximum grip thanks to the palm silicone inserts

Part Number: GUCPANNIVBK00