California Car Scents Air Freshener

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The California Scents Car Scents range has a long-lasting fragrance to keep your car smelling lovely and fresh for up to 60 days. The vented lid controls the fragrance output, increasing the life of the air freshener.

  • Long lasting fragrance - freshens for up to 60 days once opened
  • Contains 100% organic fragrance oil
  • Vented lid controls fragrance output and increases air freshener life
  • Made in the USA
  • Environmentally-friendly - recyclable aluminium canister and biodegradable fibre pad inside
  • Type: Tin (cup holder)

Just open a can of California Car Scents, pop the top and place anywhere you want a fresh scent. As the scent starts to die down rotate the scent pads to rejuvenate the fragrance. After 60 days the canister can be placed in smaller, hidden areas such under your seat or in a cup holder (they fit 99% of cup holders). California Car Scents keep on working, freshening for months.

Price is for 1 can, please choose fragrance from options

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