MOMO Italy 50 Years 1964-2014 Book
MOMO Italy 50 Years 1964-2014 Book
MOMO Italy 50 Years 1964-2014 Book
MOMO Italy 50 Years 1964-2014 Book

MOMO Italy 50 Years 1964-2014 Book

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Man, racing driver, entrepreneur: three terms that well describe Gianpiero Moretti, creator of MOMO half a century ago, an Italian company renowned for its excellence in the production of steering wheels, racing suits and car components from 1964 to today.

The historic marque decided to celebrate this important anniversary with a book that covers the salient stages of its development and consolidation, as well as Moretti's long and prestigious motor racing career. From the company's association with Ferrari, dating back to the '60s when the Prancing Horse adopted MOMO steering wheels for Formula 1, to the prolific IMSA experience, first with the Porsche 935 and then the Ferrari 333 SP, to its current involvement in the official MOMO team. Then there was the far-reaching production of steering wheels and rims for production cars and the lively, colorful advertising campaigns that branded half a century of communications. These are just some of the chapters that comprise this engaging book, produced in close collaboration with the company.

Published by Giorgio Nada Editore and written by Mario Donnini, “MOMO 50 Years” will reveal the back-story of MOMO brand, with emphasis on the history of motorsport, but also on the most interesting aspects of production and communication.

200 pages full of history, but also recent events, for a previously unreleased journey into the world of MOMO, visually engaging and rich of contents.