MOMO Mod. 88 Steering Wheel Black Suede Black Spokes 350mm
MOMO Mod. 88 Steering Wheel - Black Suede Black Spokes 320mm

MOMO Mod. 88 Steering Wheel - Black Suede Black Spokes 350mm

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To install this steering wheel in your car, you will need a hub/boss kit. Click the button below to find the right one for your vehicle.

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With racing-inspired cues, MOMO Mod. 88 features a flat bottom design that makes getting behind the wheel easier by delivering more room between the driver’s legs and the wheel.

Three anodized spokes and a thick grip covered in premium suede help deliver maximum control in even the most extreme driving conditions.

MOMO Mod. 88 comes equipped with a MOMO horn button an added feature that is not available on all MOMO racing steering wheels.