MOMO Steering Wheel Hub Boss Kit Adapter K4930 Honda Legend 4th Generation (KB1/2) >2004-2012< With Airbag

MOMO Steering Wheel Hub Boss Kit Adapter K4930 Honda Legend 4th Generation (KB1/2) >2004-2012< With Airbag

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This adapter will allow you to mount your 6-bolt MOMO or other 6x70mm pattern steering wheel to the steering column on your Honda Legend 3rd Generation (KA9).

MOMO steering wheel hubs are made to fit a wide variety of domestic and imported cars and trucks. The MOMO hub design is unique in the industry. Most factory steering wheels have "break-away" outer rims that are designed to collapse in case of an accident, reducing the risk of injury to the driver. MOMO (and most other aftermarket wheels) have much stronger outer rims that rarely collapse. To compensate for this, MOMO steering wheel hubs are engineered to be collapsible in the case of an accident. The unique tower design of the hub kit creates a "crush zone," much like the front end of a car, adding an additional safety factor to the driving environment. Designed to collapse upon impact, MOMO steering wheel adapters exceed all safety standards.

Please note:
  1. Replacing the steering wheel on cars equipped with airbag systems will disable the airbags for both the driver and the front passenger, as well as any other airbags fitted in the car.
  2. MOMO hub adapters are intended for tuning & racing use only.
  3. Do not attempt to install this kit yourself unless you have been properly trained in the installation and maintenance of car steering wheels.
  4. Do not attempt to install this kit without first reading the instruction manual.

Incorrect installation can lead to steering wheel failure, potentially causing an accident that may result in serious personal injury or death.


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