OMP Trecento Uno Steering Wheel & Hub Adapter Boss Kit For Renault Clio 172/182
OMP Trecento Uno Steering Wheel & Hub Adapter Boss Kit For Renault Clio 172/182

OMP Trecento Uno Steering Wheel & Hub Adapter Boss Kit For Renault Clio 172/182

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The complete OMP Trecento Uno steering wheel fitting kit includes a Sport Line boss kit, and fitting hardware specifically designed for Renault Clio 172/182.

No additional parts are required for the successful installation of the OMP Trecento Uno steering wheel.

OMP Trecento Uno Steering Wheel

OMP Trecento Uno 300mm diameter steering wheel is a sleek and modern design, featuring a flat shape with three bold black spokes that exude a sense of sportiness and sophistication.

Your hands will feel secure on the wheel, thanks to the anti-skid polyurethane handgrip that provides excellent control, even in challenging driving conditions.

The handgrip is carefully crafted to simulate the texture of perforated leather, enhancing your grip and comfort during long drives.

To top it off, the steering wheel is accented with elegant black stitching imitation, adding a touch of style to its already impressive features.

With Italian craftsmanship and a thoughtfully designed form, this steering wheel is the perfect embodiment of both style and functionality, making each drive a truly exceptional experience.

Sport Line Hub Adapter (Boss Kit)

Sport Line motorsport steering wheel hub adapter is crafted to effortlessly link your OMP steering wheel with your Renault Clio's steering column.

Sport Line boss kit guarantees a stable and dependable connection, elevating the visual appeal and performance of your steering system.

Sport Line hub adapter fitment list:

  • Renault Clio II RS 172 (2001-2005) With Airbag
  • Renault Clio II RS 172 Cup (2001-2005) With Airbag
  • Renault Clio II RS 182 (2001-2005) With Airbag
  • Renault Clio II RS 182 Cup (2001-2005) With Airbag
  • Renault Clio II RS 182 Trophy (2001-2005) With Airbag

WARNING: Do not attempt to install this kit yourself unless you have been properly trained in the installation and maintenance of car steering wheels and please ensure you have previously read the instruction manual. Incorrect installation can lead to a steering wheel failure which can cause an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death.

What's Included in the OMP Trecento Uno Steering Wheel Kit?

  • OMP Trecento Uno Steering Wheel
  • Sport Line Hub Adapter
  • Fitting Kit

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