Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO - Universal Type
Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO - Universal Type
Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO - Universal Type

Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO - Universal Type

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Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO is an universal paddle shift kit engineered to enhance your driving experience.

Works Bell offers a specialized paddle shifter kit for certain vehicle models with semi-automatic transmission options, allowing for gear shifts without removing hands from the wheel.

Adjustable tension/resistance allows you to tailor your driving experience, surpassing conventional paddle shifters. Unlike traditional aftermarket paddle shifter replacements, Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO preserves paddle shifting functionality, adding both style and functionality.

Crafted from carbon fibre, Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO provides durability and a elegant appearance. The 20mm thick paddle body allows for offset steering mounting towards the vehicle side, providing flexibility in installation. Customize the paddle part by adjusting it 15mm on each side, accommodating different steering sizes and pilot hand preferences.

Swift and responsive gear changes are achieved with the quick stroke switch, delivering a professional driving feel. Effortlessly change gears by pulling the left and right paddles toward you. Right paddle for upshifting, left paddle for downshifting.

Experience F1-style paddle operation with a precise 7mm stroke, an aluminum alloy composition with Alumite treatment finish and carbon fibre paddles.

The kit includes essential components like the paddle shifter unit, application-specific short hub adapter, shift control harness, horn grounding ring, horn button ring, miscellaneous jumpers, fuses, and installation bolts. Easy installation is facilitated by the included dedicated harness (intermediate coupler), eliminating the need for complex wiring modifications.

Please note that this kit requires an aftermarket steering wheel (and boss kit), as the OEM steering wheel is not compatible.

Please note that this kit offers professional-grade quality, requiring expert installation for optimal performance.

Made in Japan.