Works Bell RAPFIX Lock System +E - Black

Works Bell RAPFIX Lock System +E - Black

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The RAPFIX Key Lock System +e security cap can be easily attached within seconds using a straightforward twist and click mechanism onto the RAPFIX II unit's plug end. When installed, a vehicle's steering function is rendered highly challenging, if not nearly impossible, to manipulate for theft.

The Works Bell Key Lock System +e has undergone improvements for 2020, introducing a fresh alarm system and enhanced resistance to tampering, all while sporting an appealing new design. This function activates the horn if the key lock body is pressed while the locking mechanism is in use, serving as an additional layer of protection in case your alarm or immobilizer system fails during a theft attempt.

Constructed from the exceptionally durable A6061 billet alloy, it boasts an ultra-resistant alumite surface finish that is highly resistant to scratches. Additionally, it incorporates a high-security non-pick cylinder lock mechanism with a ball bearing action, accompanied by distinctive keys.

Made in Japan.


  • An optional component designed to be installed alongside the Works Bell RAPFIX system, further enhancing its security features.
  • The introduction of the "Plus-E function" provides heightened security by triggering the vehicle's horn if the key lock is accidentally pushed when it's in the locked position without the correct key.
  • Made of A6061 Aluminum.
  • Alumite coating for ultimate scratch resistance.
  • A cylinder lock mechanism that cannot be picked, featuring a ball bearing action and distinctively unique keys.
  • Comes with a pair of keys, and if any keys are lost, they can be easily replaced using the provided serial number.

Please note:

  • The "Plus-E function" (horn sound trigger) is not included in the assembly when the product is shipped. You will need to activate it manually during installation.
  • The "Plus-E function" is incompatible with vehicles where the horn remains silent when the ignition is turned off.

How to use it:

  1. Remove the steering wheel.
  2. Place the key locking system with the keyhole facing upward.
  3. Rotate the key locking system 45 degrees to the right.
  4. Depress the keyhole section and engage the lock.

Please exercise caution during the summer, as the unit may become extremely hot when exposed to direct sunlight, potentially causing burns.


  • Design registration No. 1643925