Works Bell Short Boss Kit for RAPFIX

Works Bell Short Boss Kit for RAPFIX #537S Toyota MR-S >1999-2007< With Airbag

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This short boss kit will allow you to mount any Works Bell RAPFIX quick release kit or 6x70mm bolt pattern steering wheel to the steering column on your Toyota MR-S.

Detailed Toyota MR-S engine/modifications fitment list:

  • Toyota MR-S ZZW30 (1999/10-2007/07)

Works Bell short hub kit compensates for the RAPFIX's extra length by keeping the steering wheel from being too close to the driver. The short hub system allows the user to offset the steering wheel position away from the driver by anywhere between 20 - 30mm (depending on the hub used).

Works Bell has developed this exclusive short hub system that is designed for the specific use with the Works Bell RAPFIX II, Works Bell RAPFIX GTC and Works Bell RAPFIX GTC Hybrid quick releases. However this short steering wheel adapter can also be used directly with aftermarket steering wheel for those looking for improved wheel placement and driving position.

Manufactured with superior quality materials, manufacturing process and know how for a premium quality product.

Made in Japan.

PLEASE NOTE: Works Bell boss kits are manufactured from either cast or billet aluminum process. Manufactured in conjunction with strict quality assurance practices of ASEA (Autosports & Special Equipment Association) under NAPAC (Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee). Manufactured to be extremely durable for sports/competition application and brake away under severe impact reducing potential harm to driver.
Incorrect installation may occur during installation especially on tapered tooth type design. If the item is not perfectly lined up or slippage occurs the excess stress my crack under torque load. Please make sure to remove all grease from steering shaft and set the boss kit to its most flush mounting position prior to applying torque. Please observe the tightening torque of 30 N-m (3 kg/m).

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